Decluttering: What Should I Get Rid Of?

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Decluttering: What Should I Get Rid Of

Ok, so we are knee-deep in this decluttering thing. But how do you know what is worth saving and what you should get rid of? Today we are going to talk through a couple of points that might make your decisions a little easier.

First of all, you need to know your why behind decluttering. Why do you want to declutter? Are you moving? Do you want to live a more minimal lifestyle? Just tired of cleaning all the time? Without a why, you have no real reason to get rid of things.

Once you figure out your why, you will need 3 boxes or piles. Keep, garbage, and donate. The donate pile should be your biggest. When you came across that knick knack you bought on vacation a bazillion years ago, ask yourself: is this more important to me than (insert your why)?

Is keeping 300 DVDs you never watch more important to you than having an orderly, relaxing home? Is keeping a small Hobby Lobby inventory that you never use worth the time you have to spend organizing and cleaning around it? Don’t keep anything you wouldn’t pay to store, because in essence, you are already paying to store it.

We buy bigger houses, with extra garages, and stuff them chock full of stuff we don’t need. Doesn’t sound like a very healthy realtaionship with stuff when it’s on paper, does it?

A good rule of thumb for getting rid of things is the $20 rule. If you are unsure about something and it costs more than $20, hang onto it until you decide for sure. If it costs less than $20, get rid of it. You can pretty easily replace it later if you suddenly decide you regret getting rid of it. (This has never happened to me).

How minimal you want to go is entirely up to you. I don’t have anything hanging on the walls in my family room. As a matter of fact, the only things in my family room are a sectional, an ottoman, and a TV stand. That might be too minimal for some people, but I breathe a sigh of contentment every time I walk into that room. It is relaxing, uncluttered, and generally really clean because it is so quick and easy to maintain.decluttered family room

So today, find your why for decluttering. Then start getting rid of stuff! I promise that it gets easier, and the peace of mind you gain from ridding your space of clutter is priceless.

31-Days-To_A-Clean-House-SeriesThis is day 15 in my series 31 Days To A Clean House


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