Decluttering My Makeup Stash

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I have a LOT of makeup for one person. Not only do I just like makeup in general, I have done it professionally in the past. Over the course of the last decade I have amassed somewhere around 100 eye shadows.

I store my stash in two old vintage Caboodles. Remember those? My Caboodles always get more comments when I haul them to appointments than the makeup!

I know there are people who have more makeup than I do, but having a collection of this size didn’t make sense for me any more. The older I get the more minimalism aligns with my viewpoint, so the makeup hoarding needed to stop.

Having that much makeup not only takes up a lot of space, it takes a long time for me to sort through every morning as I am applying my own face. Its a pain to drag out those big containers, and I honestly didn’t even know what exactly I had for inventory.

I have wanted to downsize for a while, but I hated to just get rid of makeup that I had invested so much time and money into. One day I decided it was time, and I started sorting! 

I ended up throwing a lot away. If anything was broken or excessively old it got automatically tossed. I did give a few things to my daughter, but for the most part I wanted it out of the house. 

My goal was to fit everything into one makeup bag, but that didn’t quite happen. in addition to the makeup bag I also have two small trays that hold mostly eye shadows. Its still MUCH better than having two giant cases of makeup!


I keep these baskets on a shelf in my night stand, so I don’t pull them out every day, but if I get bored with whats in my bag and want to switch something out, I have these handy.

So maybe makeup isn’t a problem area for you, but I would encourage you to tackle whatever it is that you are hanging onto. In the future I wont be impulse buying makeup I don’t need. I would much rather have a few high-quality items, than a giant tote of cheap, broken stuff I don’t use.

My morning routine is much smoother with just a makeup bag, and I like the portability if I need to take it with me. Who knows, maybe I will pare down my stash even farther!


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