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decluttering 101

Decluttering your whole house can seem completely overwhelming. That’s why we aren’t doing the whole house at once, or even a room a time. Start with one area, one piece of furniture, and go crazy on it.

For example, this nightstand next to my bed is in desperate need of decluttering. It has become a catchall for things that make their way into the bedroom. There is an insurance book in there, some glasses that are approximately 15 years old, and a couple of empty tubes of deodorant. I’m sure you have a spot in your house like that, or maybe lots of them.

night stand before

Choose one small area or piece of furniture to start working on today. Pull everything out of it, and choose carefully what you put back in. Don’t just rearrange! If you need to, start a “maybe” box of things you aren’t quite ready to toss, but things that you don’t really love either.

In the nightstand I debated over a broken iPhone 4, which hasn’t worked since someone actually wanted an iPhone 4, and those 15 year-old glasses. Why am I hanging onto these things? What do they bring into my life besides clutter?? 

night stand after

(Don’t worry, I tossed them).

A 10 minute project makes my whole bedroom seem neater! It is SO important to declutter these areas, and closets, and storage spaces first, because as you go through the rest of your house it can be tempting to move the clutter around, or shove something you aren’t sure about into a closet or a drawer. We don’t want to do that!

Pick a small area like this every day, and just start working your way through a room. It might be hard at first, but after you get into a rhythm, you will start to feel lighter and lighter!

What’s the first area you are going to declutter?

31-Days-To_A-Clean-House-SeriesThis is the 13th day in my series 31 Days To A Clean House


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