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cleaning bathrooms

Remember that cleaning schedule we talked about the other day? We are going to do it this week! I am kind of glad that bathrooms fall on the first day, because cleaning bathrooms is by far the grossest job in my house.

I think older bathrooms are far grosser than newer construction. Vinyl linoleum with weird nooks and crannies for dirt to get embedded in, rusty toilet screws, and decades of other people’s bodily functions that have seeped into places you don’t want to think about. This is the condition of my upstairs bathroom.

I have two bathrooms and I clean one at a time, but I use essentially the same system. First I remove all the towels and linens and throw them in the laundry. Then I spray everything down with Thieves Cleaner. I use rags for the sink, tub/shower, and floors, but paper towels for the toilet cuz, well, it’s gross. About once a month I will scrub the fixtures with Bar Keeper’s Friend because it makes them crazy shiny. I use Clorox Toilet wands to clean the toilet bowl because being able to throw away the grossness is appealing to me. Some day I may find a toilet brush situation that doesn’t gross me out, but for now these clean well and the holder stays clean.

I work from the top down, so mirrors, counters and sinks, etc first, floors last. If my showers need a really good clean I mix equal parts of blue Dawn dish soap and warm vinegar and spray the shower and tub down. Let it sit for anywhere from 15 minutes to a couple of hours, depending on how grimy it is. Most of the time the crud will just wipe right off with this mixture! Bar Keeper’s Friend is great for stubborn gunk in showers and tubs, too. Once you give your shower a good scrub, and keep up with a cleaning schedule every week, you won’t have to do a deep clean like this very often.

Now, the floor will obviously depend on what type of flooring you have. I have vinyl in both of my bathrooms, and I mostly clean them with Thieves cleaner and paper towels. Yep. I do like using a mop, but then I go around the edges with Thieves and a paper towel. If you have really ground in dirt or nasty stains, you CAN use Barkeeper’s Friend on your vinyl, it will just take some elbow grease to get it all wiped up after.

If you have rugs in your bathroom you will want to wash them once a month or so, because all those nasty germs float down to the floor, too. Don’t forget to wipe down your garbage can and any other fixtures in your weekly clean.

Cleaning bathrooms is my least favorite, but it makes my whole house seem so much cleaner when it is done!

31-Days-To_A-Clean-House-SeriesThis post is day 5 of 31 Days To A Clean House. Check out the whole series here.


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