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I recently rearranged my furniture which left a big, open wall that begged for something to be hung on it. There are a lot of large, statement art pieces that I love, but unfortunately I do not have the budget to purchase them. 

I have admired photo collage walls on Pinterest, but I have issues with symmetry and lack the creativity to effectively arrange one. Or do I?

I decided on a collage of 9 square frames for more of a gallery look. I was able to find them for about $7 apiece. What I didn’t anticipate was how difficult it is to get 9 square frames hung straight and evenly spaced …

What absolutely saved my sanity (and my poor wall) were these Command Picture Hanging Strips. Whoever invented these is a GENIUS and I could kiss them square on the mouth. You can arrange, rearrange, peel them off, adjust the “vecro-y” bits … all without any damage to the wall. 


Unless you have something heavy to hang on the wall, don’t even think about using a nail! These are SO much easier and wont require a spackle job when you move things around!

collagewall1These pictures are before I put any photos in.
collagewall2And here is an after pic:

IMG_2603.JPGI did a rush print job at Walgreens, which is my LEAST favorite place to print photos, but I realized the night before I was having company that I didn’t want to have empty frames. Eventually I will replace the pictures with some higher-quality, and more intentional ones.

You might ask yourself WHY my bookshelf has been crammed into that space after I spent so much time trying to arrange my furniture? Well, my grandma decided that her recliner was too big for her (she is a little lady) so she bought a smaller one and claims that I said I wanted her old one. I don’t recall this conversation, but you don’t argue with your grandma.

So now we have too much furniture crammed into a small room, but at least one wall looks good! Grand total on this project was just under $80. A piece of art to cover a similar space would be a heck of a lot more than $80, so I am happy with the result!

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