Book Review: For The Love by Jen Hatmaker

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I fell in love with Jen Hatmaker’s message when I watched her speak at the If:Gathering this past year. Since then I have read her books, watched her TV show, and stalked followed her ministry on Facebook.

So when she announced her newest book “For The Love” and put out a call for launch team members, I was ecstatic! I’m a blogger! I love doing a good book review! And I love Jen Hatmaker!

But she rejected me. It was cold. But thankfully bloggers have hookups and I got a copy anyway. It’s a good book; I forgive her for not picking me. I still got to do a book review.

Book Review


This book addresses everything from friendship, to marriage, to parenting, to our our relationship with that little voice in our heads. Do you ever feel like a failure? That you don’t measure up?I like to think I am a pretty confident person, but when you start comparing kids, marriages, paychecks … it’s easy to feel really small, really quickly. 

Personality Plus

I think one of my biggest insecurities is my personality. Sounds silly, right? But I am introverted, somewhat socially awkward, and definitely opinionated. In a sea of outgoing extroverts, its easy to feel like something is wrong with me.

It all counts. There are no throwaway qualities.

Jen talks about the moment she realized she was an introvert.

It was terribly liberating, because I quit trying to overcome my personality. The ugly self-talk stopped and I gave myself permission for quiet and silence and privacy.

God created us with unique abilities to carry out the purpose He has called us to. He made us quiet, loud, bubbly, somber … one personality type isn’t better than another, and just because someone ISN’T a sunshine and bubbles extrovert, that doesn’t mean they are negative or inferior.

Difficult People

I once tolerated melodramatic, high-maintenance garbage, but I’ve pretty much culled those relationships. Mainly because I am not thirteen and this is not middle school. It is dramatic enough to fit into my jeans every morning; ain’t nobody got time for nonsense. I’ve had friends who flourish on conflict and non-stop drama, and – how do I put this nicely? – I am entirely over it.

Did you just say “Amen!” out loud? Some people just suck all of the energy out of you with their drama, yet have the uncanny ability to somehow make it your fault. 

When consequences of poor conduct affect the offender, rather than the offended, this is the path to spiritual maturity.

I highlighted so many quotes in this book, they take up several pages on my iPad. This experience went from a book review, to a reader devouring a book. I keep rereading her thoughts on marriage, ministry, and even wearing leggings as pants. The signature Jen Hatmaker humor is definitely included.

This book is a lot like Jen Hatmaker’s other books. That may be good or bad, depending on if you like her writing style. It’s conversational, lighthearted, but intelligent. There are four different sections, which are further broken down into chapters. The chapters are put together like a series of essays, and some almost felt like filler. There were letters to her children, recipes, and stories that didn’t feel like they needed to be included. But there is a lot of meat to this book, and not the kind she put in her Beef Bourguignon. This book releases on August 18, but you can pre-order it now!

Spoiler alert: You are amazing. You are. This grace thing is no joke. Instead of being “right” at each other all the time, we can just live these beautiful, precious lives of ours in full freedom.

What impossible standard are you holding yourself to? Are you ready to let it go and see yourself through eyes of love?


*this post contains affiliate links. i received a free digital copy of this book for review, but all opinions are my own.


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