31 Days To A Clean House

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Welcome to my 31 Days series for 2015 – 31 Days to a Clean House! Whether you are brand new here, or a long time reader, I am excited to launch on this journey to clean together.

First of all, what is 31 Days? It is a 31 day writing challenge where bloggers choose a topic, and post on it every single day for the month of October. I stumbled onto this challenge on October 1 last year, and jumped in with both feet! Writing every single day is a HUGE commitment for most bloggers, but it’s so fun to see a series take shape, and read what everyone else is writing about! 

So what can you expect from this series? I have divided this month into 4 loose sections. First, introduction and tools, where I will introduce you to my story and how I got my home in order, as well as my favorite tools to use. Secondly, The Kitchen and Bathroom. These are the two biggest jobs in my house, and I have definitely needed more advice and tips in these areas! Third, Living Areas. Bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms seem pretty straightforward, but they also tend to be catch-all’s for clutter. And finally we will tackle decluttering. If you glean nothing else from this series, I promise that learning to declutter properly will forever change the way you clean your home!

This will be the landing page for the series, so links to all of the posts will be added here as the month progresses. You might also want to join my 31 Days to a Clean House Facebook group, where you can ask questions, give advice, and be a part of a community where everyone is at varying stages of getting their house in order. 

In the past year, we have gone from living in a 1,000 square foot apartment, to a house that is more than twice that size, and at first keeping up with it was extremely overwhelming to me. But, I have developed a good system, and am hoping to share some of what I have learned with you. Nothing feels better than waking up to a clean house!


Day 2: My Favorite Cleaning Products

Day 3: Cleaning Schedule

Day 4: When You Don’t Feel Like Cleaning

Day 5: Cleaning Bathrooms

Day 6: Dusting

Day 7: Vacuuming

Day 8: Mopping

Day 9: Catch-Up Day

Day 10: Laundry

Day 11: Thieves Cleaner

Day 12: The Cost of Clutter

Day 13: Decluttering 101

Day 14: Family Decluttering

Day 15: Decluttering: What Should I Get Rid Of?

Day 16: The Benefits Of A Clean House

Day 17: Keeping Your House Clean When You Have Kids

Day 18: Finding A Healthy Cleaning Balance

Day 19: Keeping Bedrooms Clean


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