$30 Bathroom Makeover

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$30 Bathroom Makeover

It has been two months since we moved into this house. It’s hard to believe that it hasn’t been longer considering all of the repairs and renovations we have accomplished in such a short time.

One of the biggest transformations in this house, in my opinion anyway, is the upstairs bathroom. Every room in the house was filthy, but the bathroom was so gross I wouldn’t even use it for the first month. And, our second bathroom is down a very steep flight of stairs, so that is saying something.

Thank God my husband has no gag reflex, and will do whatever I ask, because without him the bathroom would still be sitting unused, in filth.

For those of you who don’t know the backstory, we moved into this house at the end of March. We are renting from a friend of mine who lives out of state, and she had previously been renting to some other friends of hers. Those “friends” completely trashed the house, and we have spent the past two months painting, ripping out ruined carpet, and hauling away the mountains of garbage they left.

Bathroom Makeover before
Yep, that’s hair

The upstairs bathroom was the last room that we renovated. It had dirty, peeling wallpaper, inches of dirt in the corners of the linoleum, a rusty, leaking tub, and dirty, mildewy cabinets. I thought there were several inches of mold climbing up where the base of the tub meets the linoleum, but once my husband started cleaning he discovered it was actually HUMAN HAIR that was stuck to the adhesive where there had once been a baseboard.

Bathroom Makeover Before

Since there were literally thousands of dollars of other repairs needed in the house, we have really tried to keep each project on a tight budget, and this bathroom was no exception. We removed the wallpaper, painted the walls, painted the cabinets, and spray painted the cabinet hardware. Add a shower curtain and a rug and viola, it looks like a new room!

Budget Bathroom MakeoverOur total out-of-pocket cost was $30 – $20 for a gallon of paint for the walls (I chose Glidden’s Secluded Guestroom) and $10 for a quart of paint for the cabinets. I am not usually one to choose dark or bold colors, but I though this room needed a dramatic change!

The rest of the touches in the room were things I already had, like the shower curtain I got on clearance at Target for $14, the rug my mom gave me, and the towels we had at the apartment. 

Painted bathroom cabinetsbathroom makeover 4I rolled some new, white cleaning cloths I had picked up in a pack and put them in the distressed, metal basket I had gotten 50% off at Hobby Lobby. My 20-year-old nephew said they looked “fancy,” lol.

Peonies in mason jar in bathroomI’m going to be sad when my peony bushes stop blooming. I love added a touch of softness and color with their blooms in almost every room.Spray paint bathroom hardwareOne of the easiest ways to update a room with cabinet hardware, is to spray paint! I had a can of brushed nickel on hand, and I can’t believe how it updated these very old fixtures. You can spray paint metal air vents, cabinet hardware, even curtain rods to update them.

If we end up buying this house we will do a more thorough renovation, like replacing the vanity and tub, but for now something as simple as a good cleaning, new paint, and some finishing touches has made the bathroom useable and even pretty.

Don’t let budget stand in the way of enjoying your home. Maybe you could do a $30 bathroom makeover, too!



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